Effective & thoroughly tested 
small wind turbines

We think that small wind turbines must stand up to the same standards as there are for large ones. 

Effective production of energy, a long problem-free life cycle and, not least, a big return on the investment. 

Solid Wind Power is the best choice because of

  • High uptime
  • Unique blade design for optimum yield
  • Low noise level
  • Well-documented performance
  • Proven technology
  • Easy transport and assembly
  • Annual service check
  • Effective monitoring via Solid SCADA
  • Experience with over 800 installed wind turbines globally

Solid, smart & powerful

We are with you

all the way

A wind turbine from Solid Wind Power must be a good bargain over many years. This requires that we carry out inspection and maintenance continuously, and that the tasks are performed by trained professionals with extensive knowledge of our wind turbines.

We have selected experienced service specialists in all of the countries where we have set up wind turbines, and we seek to train them so that they can work out every challenge.

As a wind turbine owner, you can therefore be sure that your turbine is always within our qualified reach.

Glass fiber productionen

At Solid wind power we have our own fiberglass production. 
This takes place in Skjern on Stålvej 8 at Solid Group. 

Read more about our fiberglass production here