Effective energy solutions, which are optimal for society and your operating budget


We are a clean-tech company specialising in heat pump solutions, which can run on both gas and electricity. This makes the integration of renewable energy sources possible in, among others, the district heating sector without having to compromise on the operating costs. 

Our heating solutions effectively utilise the energy in the air or another energy source and thus spare the climate from large amounts of CO₂ while at the same time helping the customer achieve a lower energy cost


Air/water heat pump solutions

There is a large potential of good energy to draw from the outdoor air. Read about our effective pumps, which help district heating power plants, industry and other large heat consumers produce sustainable energy.

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Liquid/water heat pump solutions

Surplus heat, e.g. in waste water, is a valuable source of cheap energy. Read about how our heat pumps contribute to optimal utilisation of the resources. 

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We have been on a shopping spree

The first 10, of a total of 80 air coolers, were delivered for the energy-flexible heat pump solution in Ringkøbing. 

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