We take small wind turbines seriously
Once, small wind turbines were mostly for idealists and engineering hobbyists. An overlooked niche, which the big wind turbine producers were not interested in because the economics and scaling opportunities were, in their eyes, not attractive enough.

It just has to be done right

We decided to challenge that at Solid wind power. We chose to put all of our energies into developing modern, highly effective and rock solid turbines, which make it a good investment to buy your own wind turbine. It is not difficult to produce effective and long-life small wind turbines if you use the newest technologies and employ the right people. 

Thoroughly tested technology that works

Today, Solid wind power can present a number of supreme and thoroughly tested wind turbines, which all work effectively and reliably.
We have installed more than 500 wind turbines and collected data from 3,000,000 production hours, so we know what works.

Carsten Lauridsen

Carsten is the type of business leader who knows his profession through and through. He finished his apprenticeship as a machine operator at Vestas Wind Systems A/S and quickly showed special capabilities and interests in development tasks. A wealth of ideas and the desire to create naturally steered him in the direction of life as an independent businessman – a dream he realized in 2003 with the takeover of a little forging company with three employees. With Carsten in the lead, the company has grown vigorously since then so that it now employs more than 100 people at different locations in the Skjern and Ringkøbing areas.


Educated at Vestas Wind Systems A/S
R&D department, Development of 225kW – 500kW turbines

R&D of special tools and equipment for different purposes, different manufacturers

Establishment of Kongevejens Smedie- og Maskinværksted/KSM (name)
R&D of special tools and equipment for different purposes within the 3 employees

Change of company name and structure due to growth to Ringkøbing Maskinværksted A/S / RMV A/S (name)
Cooperation with wind turbine manufacturers (Siemens and Vestas)
55 employees

Solid wind power is established, start of development and production of own small wind turbine

Solid energy is established, a clean tech company focusing on gas engine driven heat pump solutions for district heating plants, industry and other large heat consumers

Change of company name from Ringkøbing Maskinværksted A/S due to growth to Solid production

Solid wind power has its own fiber production in Skjern

Read more about our fiberproduction here