Danish expertise gives you full return


All wind turbines from Solid Wind Power are designed with the objective of giving you the best possible return on your investment.
Namely, we can offer the most attractive Life Cycle Cost seen over the turbine’s lifetime. 

We have installed more than 500 turbines all over the world and have millions of hours of production data as a basis of experience, so we know what we are talking about. 


SWP-19.8 kW

SWP-19.8kW & 20 kW (14TG)

SWP-25 kW

All Solid Wind Power turbines are designed to give you the best possible return of your investment. You can easily find

cheaper turbines on the market, but if you are looking for the highest possible energy production combined with low

maintenance cost and long service life, you will end up with a Solid Wind Power turbine anyway.

We can offer the most attractive overall economy over the life of the turbine. 

We are with you all the way

A wind turbine from Solid wind power must be a good bargain over many years. This requires that we carry out inspection and maintenance continuously, and that the tasks are performed by trained professionals with extensive knowledge of our wind turbines.

We have selected experienced service specialists in all of the countries where we have set up wind turbines, and we seek to train them so that they can work out every challenge. As a wind turbine owner, you can therefore be sure that your turbine always is maintained by the best competence. 

Solid, smart & powerful