SWP-19.8 kW

SWP-19.8 kW

SWP-19.8 kW is a Class 3-wind turbine based on proven technology which ensures high energy production.

SWP-19.4 & 25 kW

19.4kW/25kW (15.95 diameter rotor) is a rock solid Class 2-wind turbine, grid connected according to CEI -  which has been developed for sites especially abundant with wind.

SWP-25 kW

SWP-25kW is a Class 3-wind turbine based on proven technology which ensures high energy production. 

Give your energy production wings

SWP-19.8kW is a Class 3-wind turbine based on proven technology which ensures high energy production, a long and problem-free life cycle and, not least, a very low noise level. This model is specially developed for the markets in Japan and Taiwan.

A unique blade design

The blades are the most important component of a wind turbine, as they determine how much energy can be harvested from the wind. Based on our many years of experience, we have developed a unique blade design that makes our wind turbines the most effective ones on the market.

Makes almost no noise

The moving parts of wind turbines can make noise. In some cases, so much that it becomes troublesome to the surroundings. We have learned from the automobile industry and use a similar vibration-dampening technology, which makes it a pleasure to drive in a modern car. Among other things, this means that the nacelle of a SWP-19.8kW is divided in two and separated with vibration dampers, which lower the noise level significant. 

Advanced monitoring keeps the wind turbine running

A refined SCADA system has been developed for the wind turbines from Solid wind power. The system is web-based and can be remotely operated via an app or computer, so that our service technicians can easily and quickly control and, if necessary, restart a wind turbine from a distance. This considerably reduces any downtime.


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Technical data

Wind class: 3
Rated power: 19.8 kW
Rotor diameter: 14 m
Hub height: 18 m
Swept area: 154 m2  
Starting wind speed: 3 m/s
Cut-off wind speed: 25 m/s
Survival wind speed: 52.5 m/s
Rotations per minute: Up to 50 RPM


Manufacturer :Germany


Manufacturer: Sweden


Manufacturer: Solid production - Denmark


Manufacturer Controller: SWP - Denmark
Manufacturer Inverter: Orbital - Denmark

Yawing system

Manufacturer: BJ - Denmark


Nacelle: 1450 kg
Rotor: 390 kg
Controller/Inverter complete: 360 kg

SWP-19.8 kW is the safest choice below 20 kW