Quality is an important aspect in Solid Energy's daily efforts to deliver the best solutions to all customers.
We are certified according to DS/EN ISO 9001:2015 and have thus committed ourselves to continuously measure, evaluate and improve the customers' perception of the delivered quality. As a starting point for our quality focus, we have an ambitious quality policy, which is anchored through follow-up on concrete quality targets and ongoing improvements.


We prioritize that our employees have a healthy workplace. We value a well-functioning staff association and encourage our employees to participate in the internal social events, form good sustainable relationships and thereby strengthen our team spirit and company culture.


All Solid Energy's employees have the right to a safe and risk-free workplace. We are obliged to comply with legal & regulatory requirements and ensure relevant education and training of employees. We register near accidents, carry out safety rounds and discuss ongoing improvements in relation to the company's APV in a well-functioning safety organization. Our safety standards are always available to employees when they must perform tasks that require special safety equipment.


Solid Energy has the knowledge and tools to calculate the company's CO₂ emissions. We work purposefully to reduce the company's environmental impact by identifying reduction opportunities based on a fact-based data base. We define improvement targets within priority areas as part of an overall action plan.