Why do business with Solid production?

Solid production is a turnkey supplier of custom-made solutions in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. We have a  short delivery time, 

low development costs, minimal coordination & simple approval processes.



Welding tasks

Our expertise is your expertise

We possess a wide range of technical and regulatory competencies, which we make available to our customers.

Our technical department is specialised in lifting equipment, transport equipment, work platforms and production equipment.

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Examples of products & services

  • Special-purpose machines
  • Production equipment
  • Transport equipment
  • Material handling
  • Lifting equipment
  • Tool production
  • Metal cutting and finishing
  • Mounting and repair tasks


Concept development, machine safety, CE marking, approval of equipment


3D CAD diagrams, engineering computations, instructions, risk assessment, documentation, testing & trials 


Prototype, single-unit production, mass production, delivery

A comprehensive solution? Or just a part?

As the customer, you are the one who chooses and puts together the services you need. We can provide you a complete project, from advising and idea development to construction and production. This ensures you an effective process and a coherent solution with a sensible budget.

But if you want a special competence, e.g. advice about a development project alone, we are able to provide that. You can also come with finished designs that just need to go into production.

We are ready, and the choice is yours!