"Without food andΒ drink - the hero will not perform"

The same applies to a wind turbine from Solid Wind Power. Even a wind turbine needs to be inspected and serviced in order to perform to its optimum.

Although the wind turbines from Solid Wind Power are designed to last minimum 20 years, they require ongoing maintenance. The requirements for maintenance & service are laid down by law and the maintenance manual. This helps to ensure the operation and performance of the turbine throughout the life time of the turbine.

The service team at Solid Wind Power consists of 6 skilled service people and a service manager, who together have more than 50 years of experience with service & maintenance of the wind turbines from Solid Wind Power. The service team undergo training on regular basis in order to be able to perform service in the best possible way.

The service department has 3 service vehicles which all are equipped with the necessary tools and spare parts supporting a fast and work-safe implementation of the wind turbine's maintenance.

From Solid Wind Power's head office in Skjern, more than 800 wind turbines are monitored. In Denmark, approximately 500 wind turbines are serviced by the service department. πŸ”§πŸ”©βš™οΈ

From the head office in Skjern and based on the wind turbine's service agreement, the scheduled service visits Is planned and initiated. The planning helps to ensure that the wind turbine/s is serviced once every year.

Using SolidSCADA, the turbines with a service agreement are monitored. The service department knows in real-time the turbine's conditions relative to operation- and fault status. With SolidSCADA, the service teams have insight into the fault and operating status of the turbine before the service is carried out.

The service agreement, which is signed for a period of 5 annual service visits, also includes SolidSCADA (remote monitoring of the turbine), product warranty on components in the event of replacement. The service agreement also provides the opportunity to take out machine insurance and collateral coverage at a benefit price during the agreement period.

Solid Wind Power carries all common spare parts on stock in the warehouse or has an agreement with partners for fast delivery, which together with the service agreement and SolidSCADA ensures a quick correction of operational faults - typically within 24 -48 hours

Emergency telephone 24/7/365. Outside opening hours, Solid Wind Power can always be contacted on the hotline. πŸ“ž

The service team's motto is to - "always do our best to help the wind turbine owner to ensure the wind turbine's highest possible operating time". πŸ’ͺ

The service team from Solid Wind Power wishes everyone a fantastic summer and fair winds.