Solid Wind Power Cleans Municipal Wastewater!
Renewable energy. In October 2020, Struer Energi installed a wind turbine, from Solid Wind Power, in connection with their treatment plant in Flovlev. This helps to support the desire for a greener image in relation to the use of energy. 🌳
Perfect use of wind energy. A treatment plant and the energy produced from the wind turbine are a perfect match in relation to electricity needs and the utilization of the energy produced from the wind turbine. There is a constant need for power to the pumps in the treatment plant - day and night, all year round. 💪
Saves money. Already after the first month, the wind turbine has shown its potential in relation to saving on electricity costs. 📈💰
Complete and reliable solution. Struer Energi has purchased a turnkey installed wind turbine with associated service agreement. 😀
We thank you and eagerly follows the developments.