Our expertise is your expertise

We possess a wide range of technical and regulatory competencies, which we make available to our customers.


We offer advising in the areas of machine safety and CE marking. It’s our experience that it provides great value for the customer to involve us early in the development phase so that we, together, can find the optimal solution. We have built up our expertise through many years of cooperation with the wind turbine industry and the building industry.

Another special area for us is risk assessment of new and older production equipment. We can carry out an assessment early in the idea phase, which can potentially spare lots of costs as it reduces the risk of problems with safety regulations later. But we can also provide analyse of existing equipment to assess whether the requirements are met.

We have many years of experience in safety assessment and a deep knowledge of Machine Directive 2006/42/EF.


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Typically, a project begins with a visit to the customer to examine the task. Afterwards, we draw up a suggested solution, which is adjusted into place in close sparring with the customer. 

Our CAD system is SolidWorks. We handle all current Solid-formats and seek to keep up to date with the newest software. Our engineers are highly qualified and can quickly visualise various solution possibilities.  


All equipment covered by the Machine Directive is documented with the greatest thoroughness. A technical file is created for every single order including related drawings, computations, risk assessment, operating instructions, and diverse certificates on materials, welding control, surface treatment and tensile testing. The documentation is archived according to prevailing law, but it can follow the product if the customer desires that. 

Test and trials

We have extensive experience in carrying out lift testing/tensile testing according to DS/EN 13155. This applies to equipment intended to lift everything from small loads of 12 kg to larger structures weighing up to 30 tonnes. All tests are documented with pictures, and full traceability is archived for every single topic. Welding control is always carried out on load-bearing elements and lifting equipment – this is handled by external partners.