Solid Energy's Design Philosophy 

Solid Energy' has a decade long experience from the Danish Heating/Cooling Sector, which is widely regarded as being amongst the world’s most technologically advanced heating industry.

Denmark has for many years been focusing on integration of renewable energies and Solid Energy is a long-term partner in this transition.

See below our six design criteria.

We employ some of Denmark’s foremost engineering staff and designers who develop our heat pump solutions with practical implementation in mind.

Our six core criteria in our design
and construction are:

Quality and Reliability 

We use tried and tested components to ensure longevity and robustness in our design, which results in maximum reliability and low Service & Maintenance costs. Solid Energy heat pumps have a design life of 20 years.


Our designs use different refrigerants for different applications and we offer the most suitable design for any application. Our refrigerants are chosen to support high performance and minimal impact on the environment.


Designs are modular so we can size our heat pumps systems from a range of tested compressor sizes and this ensures that our smallest and largest heat pumps follow the same fundamental layout and design also resulting in ease of installation and service.


Is built into the design enabling a high level of adjustability and output control with minimal losses in efficiency.


All of our designs can produce heating or cooling simultaneously or independently, thus enabling multi-purpose heating / cooling application. We also offer heat pumps powered by electric and/or gas.


Is a key design parameter and Solid heat pumps will achieve the highest energy efficiencies (COP) in the industry via our proprietary designs.

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