May 2017

We have been on a shopping spree

The first 10, of a total of 80 air coolers, were delivered for the energy-flexible heat pump solution in Ringkøbing. They are large, but can also deliver a yearly heat production of 30,000 MWH with an effect at 4.5 MW. It is almost 1/3 of the required heat production in Ringkøbing.

The heat pump is flexible toward energy input and can utilize both gas and power. When it is windy, and power is green ad cheap, it can be powered by electricity. Conversely, it will use gas when it is not the case.
Large air/water heat pump solutions for district heating is a good climate-friendly choice, with no compromise on operating costs. The heat price is reduced by more than 50% and the low price is future-proofed by energy flexibility with regard to choice of propellant.