October 2018

Now there is “Solid power” in Greenland

After a long boat trip, our turbine is now installed and runs in the city of Sisimiut.

As already announced in June, Solid Wind Power was selected by Nukissiorfiit, Greenland’s Energy Supply, as a supplier of one of two small wind turbines for an attempt to produce more green energy in Greenland and to develop “off grid” projects. Off-grid turbines will give isolated areas, without grid, the possibility to produce electricity by reducing the use of fossil fuels.

It is the first installation of its kind on the cold island, and we look forward to following how the turbine manages in the harsh weather. It is a very exciting project and we are convinced, that it will not be the last installation of a SWP-25-kW turbine, after the city of Sisimiut and the energy company Nukissiorfiit have completed the test period.

We have received some beautiful pictures from the installation work and the wonderful scenery in Greenland, which we would like to share.


See Nukissiorfiit's timelapse video of the installation